Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Healthy Nut - Crazy for Coconut
On my eating clean journey I developed a love for coconuts, not just the taste but for the added health benefits.  A few of the health bloggers and instagramer's I follow rave about this coconut oil, so I decided to try it! I take a 1/2 Tbsp. every morning before breakfast. I have only been taking it for about a week so not sure I have noticed any of the benefits of it yet. Below are some of the reasons why it is so great to eat this particular coconut oil and the health benefits of it. I will keep you updated on my results of taking it daily:)
Information obtained from the Skinny & Co. website
Skinny Coconut Oil is 100% pesticide-free, all-natural, raw coconut oil that is cold pressed at room temperatures below 100˚F. Other “virgin coconut oils” are expeller- or centrifuge-processed at high temperatures, which diminishes the natural nutrients of the oil. Unlike these oils that take coconuts from plantations to rooms to sit, our coconuts are hand-picked and processed in the jungles of Ben Tre Vietnam to ensure the highest quality.
Health Benefits Of Skinny Coconut Oil


Skinny Coconut Oil MetabolismDue to its high concentration of MCFAs, Skinny speeds up metabolism. Because they are so easily digested, MCFAs are immediately converted to energy, helping maintain a healthy weight. When looking at cultures that eat a coconut-rich diet, we find they are lean and obesity is rare. Even using coconut oil instead of unsaturated oils, such as corn, soy, bean, and canola can help aid in weight loss.

Brain Clarity

Skinny Coconut Oil Brain ClarityCoconut oil provides an alternative fuel to glucose for the brain. This fuel, known as ketones, encourages the healthy execution of important cerebral tasks. Ketones are highly neuro-protective, which leads to improved memory, cognition and attention. Ketones may also help curb cognitive decline in old age.

Heart Health

Skinny Coconut Oil Heart HealthContaining greater than 50% lauric acid, Skinny promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. The healthy saturated fat content has shown to protect heart cells, improve the function of the thyroid and help normalize cholesterol levels.

Immune System

Skinny Coconut Oil Immune SystemSkinny is the earth’s richest source of a special fat called lauric acid. Also found in a mother’s milk, lauric acid helps form the immune system and protects the health of newborns. Replacing processed vegetable oils with MCFA-rich coconut oil promotes lifelong healthy immune function. This nutritious MCFA is found in infant formulas, tube feedings, and is commonly used by physicians to help patients obtain optimal health.

Blood Sugar

Skinny Coconut Oil Blood SugarMCFAs in Skinny help maintain healthy insulin and blood sugar levels. Processed quickly by the liver, Skinny provides natural, long lasting energy and is much more effective than sugars, grains, and carbohydrates.

Coconut oil has many uses. We've highlighted some of the most popular uses coconut oil below.
Mix in with coffee, tea, smoothies and pressed juices for a natural energy boost.
Eat straight off the spoon for long-lasting brain clarity Use as a heart healthy replacement for butter or margarine

Skinny Coconut Oil BlenderInclude in smoothies and pressed juices to boost metabolism and rehydrate cells
Coconut Oil LotionWorks as a great lotion; locks in moisture and keeps skin hydrated and energizedActs as a calming balm; soothing itchiness, dryness and small cuts or scratches

Eliminates dead skin cells, reduces flaky skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles, leading to a younger look
Skinny Coconut Oil Hair CareSpeeds growth and strengthens hair from the root, leading to a healthy head of hair
Creates more body, shine, and volume as a leave in conditioner.
Skinny Coconut Oil PullingOil Pulling- Every morning place 1 tbsp. of Skinny in your mouth and swish for 5-20 minutes. This will lead to fresher breath, whiter teeth, and a brighter smile!


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