Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Healthy Nut - Aztec Clay Healing Mask

I recently saw a friend (aka Jordyn @scienceofswimwear) post a picture of herself with this green mask on...and of course I had to figure out what it was and why was the mask is so beneficial!
So here are the details on this amazing Aztec Clay Mask:
"The unique structure of the molecules in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay carry a negative electron charge. This comes from the valance electron count from the specific minerals found in Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.
When a spectographic analysis is done on Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, almost every mineral found on Earth is present. Aztec Secret is volcanic Ash from when the Earth was formed It is the foam residue left as the planet cooled The foam residue formed a pure clay vein layered between white sand, near one of the lowest parts of planet Earth.
When a facial or clay poultice is applied to the skin it forms a negative charge. Poisons and toxins stored in the epidermis have a positive charge - Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay lifts the pimple and blackheads into the clay bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin with over 50 minerals.100% NATURAL".
The benefits of the Aztec Clay Mask:

Moisturizes the skin
Detoxifies the skin
Replenish  Nutrients lost in the skin
Increases Circulation to the skin
Reduces Blemishes
Tightens Pores
This mask removes poisons and toxins in the epidermis of the skin. It lifts blackheads and pimples out while filling your skin with the 50 minerals that are in the clay!   The Aztec Clay mask is also 100% natural which makes it even better!
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1. Mix equals parts - I did 1 tbsp. of each
2. Mix and stir with a non-metal bowl and spoon
3. Make sure all makeup is removed
4. Cover face with mask
5. Keep on for 10-30 minutes (I did 30 minutes)
6. Wash off with warm water
Your face will pulsate and feel warm and that is NORMAL. It will also be red once the mask is removed but that is NORMAL too!
Happy Masking!


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