Monday, July 7, 2014

Motivational Monday - Don't Slash the Other Tire!

I saw this on Pinterest and I realized how we all have "slashed the other tire" before! Whether it's eating right, working out, shopping less, or just learning to be more positive we all have bad days! We all have had that day where the kids are driving you crazy, your house is a mess, or you ate an entire chocolate cake in one sitting!  Believe me yesterday was one of those days when I nearly cried when I saw empty muffin wrappers and crumbs all over my living room and I just couldn't pick up after one more person!   But the great thing is we can hit the "reset" button ! It's a new day and you can choose to say no to that chocolate cake and have more patience with your kids. God shows us grace and mercy daily and we have the ability to start over! Today choose to start over, clean start today! I know for me I need to have more patience and peace with my children as having 3 little ones home for the summer can be CRAZY! So don't slash the other tire, patch the other tire and fill it back up! 

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  1. We all have those moments, when we just lose ourselves and our peace but what is most important is what we do AFTER that. That quote really makes sense...instead of slashing the other tire, stop and pause, hit that reset button. Then we get a wonderful chance to get back on track again. Find your peace and move Forward! Great Post.