Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tone & Tighten - Total Body

Good Morning, today was another early morning for me! A group of friends of mine and myself have decided to give Crossfit a try for the summer. We wanted a little change up in our workout routine and have some new personal goals, so I am excited to let you know how I like Crossfit and my results.
But today's Tone & Tighten workout for you that I have completed multiple times is the TOTAL BODY HOME WORKOUT. All you need to do is complete it 2 times. If you are more advanced complete it 3 times! For those that are beginners, if you cannot complete "50 jumping jacks" then cut all of the workouts in half and progress to the full amount over a period of time.
We all can squeeze in 20 minutes to get our heart rate up and sweat a little!
Good Luck and GET MOVIN!

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