Monday, June 2, 2014

Motivation Monday - It's ALL about the Prep

Today's motivation is all about PREPARATION! No matter what you do whether its completing a work or school project, running a marathon, or eating right, you HAVE TO PREPARE.  When there is something you want to complete the first thing you need to do is establish your goals, then make your "to-do" list of how you are going to reach those goals. Make sure those goals are obtainable because if you can never reach those goals and have "successes" you will most likely give up!
Specifically, in this post I will be writing about food prep. When you want to eat healthy...lean, clean, and green you have to prepare. It takes time and effort to eat right, obviously that's why the majority of America is overweight and unhealthy.  The first thing I do usually every Saturday is a make a list of my meals, enough to prepare for a weeks worth of meals. My favorite store to buy bulk is Costco because they have a lot of options for organic. Sunday is my prep day, my husband grills the chicken for me and usually helps roast potatoes. I will boil eggs, cook brown rice, make protein waffles, and any other food items I have planned for the week. Then I will portion them out into containers for the week. I PROMISE YOU that it seems like a lot of work but it makes it so much easier in the long run when all you have to do is grab a meal from the fridge and heat it up. You are less likely to eat junk if it is already prepared.
  Below are pictures of some of my own personal food prepping.
As for working out and exercising, I prep for that on Sunday too. As a mom of 3 kids, life is CRAZY AND NONSTOP. I plan my workouts like appointments and I make it happen no matter what! Accountability is huge, find a partner, your husband, sister, or friend you can share your goals with.
When I first starting working out, I attended a boot camp so I didn't have to prepare much, but then I starting working out with friends which required me to create workouts...and now I stay accountable with my sister-in-law. We usually check in every day, but on Sundays we go over our meal plans and go over our workout dates. Sometimes we even share food!
So my encouragement to you today when trying to accomplish anything specifically eating healthy and exercising is:
1. Set goals
2. Make a list of things that will help you reach your goals
3. Prep on Saturday/Sunday for the week (food & workout schedule)
4. Find an accountability partner with similar goals to have support
Email or message me if you have any questions or need help!


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