Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Healthy Nut - Iherb and Amazon Weekly Delivery

You should know by now I LOVE! I order most of my supplements and even some organic groceries from there too! I also order a lot from because of the free shipping! Below is this past weeks delivery Iherb and Amazon.
Iherb Order
Use coupon code TES543 for up to $10.00 off your first order.
1. Arnica Gel - Great for sore muscles, really any aches and pains you might have just rub this all over it!
2. Riboflavin - Great for energy, I specifically take at night for headaches.
3. Frontier Organic Ceylon Cinnamon -  Helps with blood sugar levels, arthritis, and lower cholesterol. I sprinkle it on everything! I switch out with this kind and Vietnamese cinnamon.
4. Shaker - Hubby needed protein shaker
5. Flora Adult Probiotics - Helps contribute to a healthy gut (urinary and intestinal health), increases immunity level, can help decrease allergies, and has been known to help with weight loss.
5. New Chapter Turmeric - Helps prevent multiple types of cancer, decreases systemic inflammation, natural pain killer, and may slow down progression of Alzheimer's.    
Amazon Order
1. Just Great Stuff ORGANIC powdered peanut butter - There was a lot of controversy on PB2 and how it wasn't really organic, well this one is! I use this in my hubby's protein shakes and it tastes just like the real fattening peanut butter!
2. Cliff ORGANIC Shot Bloks - May be one of my new favorite finds until someone tells me how awful they are for me! My SIL introduced these to me as we were leaving our 0530 Crossfit class! I don't drink coffee, so I thought these would be a good pre-workout energy snack. I usually only eat them before my early morning workouts, just for the extra bust of energy!
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