Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Healthy Nut - The "Fighting" Foods

 We all have heard that "food is our medicine" or "you are what you eat"...Well, its TRUE! In the past, when I would hear someone say that or read it somewhere online I would just tell myself "I am healthy it won't hurt me" or "I exercise so I can eat that". But that is not the case at all! When I starting struggling with stress and anxiety I discovered that the food I was eating was a huge trigger for me.  Ice-cream, donuts, other sugar products, caffeinated coffee, and simply not eating enough of the "fighting" antioxidant foods reeked havoc on my body and mind.  I always thought I ate healthy, but when I started eliminating processed foods and sugar from my diet I was surprised to find out how "unhealthy" I really ate!
It has been over 2 years now that I started down the path to eating healthier... lean, clean, & green! It definitely took time and it was a process because I switched my family's breads, cereals, snacks, pretty much every thing we ate was different. We are no where near eating "perfect" but we do our best to avoid processed foods. I like to be around 90/10 on my percentage of eating clean to  "cheat foods".
I am not going to tell you to do what I did, but I am going to encourage you to start eating some of my favorite "fighting foods" that are full of antioxidants and help fight inflammation. Also try to switch out one food item a month for a healthier alternative. For example, instead of eating Jiffy peanut butter get organic peanut butter, believe me it tastes very different! Or switch out your maple syrup and brown sugared oatmeal for steel cut oats with raw honey, nuts, and fruit.  All it takes is one small change and before you know it you will be feeling great and you will live a longer healthier happy life because of the foods that you are eating!
My favorite "Fighting Foods" that I eat every day: 
1. Turmeric - Sprinkle this on your veggies or meat. I use to put it on everything, but now I actually take Turmeric in a capsule form because I wanted to get the maximum amount.
2. Spinach - I eat this every day 4-8 cups a day either raw, steamed, juiced, or in a smoothie. Try to go with organic spinach if possible as leafy greens are high in pesticides.
3. Broccoli - I usually eat 1-2 cups every day of broccoli. You can eat it raw or steamed!
4. Green Tea (decaf) - LOVE green tea! I usually make 2 pitchers of it and store in my fridge because I like to drink it iced with lemon. But drink warm too!
5. Cinnamon - I sprinkle cinnamon in my oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, coffee, sweet potato, smoothies, you name it I've sprinkled cinnamon on it!
At certain times during the week I will eat other "fighting" foods, but the above 5 I eat every day. Hemp seeds are great on salads and in smoothies. Cherries taste yummy frozen or in a smoothie. I love berries on my oatmeal and pineapple on my Greek yogurt. Nuts and seed you can throw into any salad, eat with oatmeal and yogurt, or just grab a handful.

If you don't like my top 5 favorite fighting foods pick your own out of these!


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