Monday, May 5, 2014

Motivate Monday - Power Thought 1

Almost a year ago I read Joyce Meyers "Power Thoughts" book...and I am now reading it again for the 4th time! Crazy right...If you read it you will see why!
I believe we all struggle with something whether it is fear, doubt, worry, insecurity, discontentment, lack of discipline...the list could go on.  My top two struggles are fear and worry. I have learned over the past two years that worry and fear has been at the root of most of my problems. Whatever your struggle is you CAN DO IT with His strength!

This book has twelve power thoughts and most pertaining to the areas I listed above. Each chapter discusses a power thought and provides wisdom and scripture to help you have control of your thoughts.  Joyce Meyer suggests to focus on one power thought each week and when you finish all twelve start back at the that is why I have now read it 4 times! This book is about renewing your mind and taking back control of your thoughts.

Power Thought 1 is so powerful! I CAN DO WHATEVER I NEED TO DO IN LIFE THROUGH CHRIST. I know every day as a wife and mother of 3 that I struggle with thoughts like "I can't" or "that's too hard" or "there is no way I can do that"...but there is a way and YOU CAN DO IT with His strength. His power is made perfect in our weakness! 2 Corinthians 12:9.  God doesn't say that everything in life will be easy but he does say that we can enjoy life in the midst of the problem.  Nothing is too difficult for you if God is on your side.  He will now allow you to go through anything that you are not equipped to do or handle.  

So this week I want to encourage all of you to focus on this power thought for the week. When I focus on a particular power thought for the week I put reminders everywhere in my house and even on my phone! When a challenge arises this week develop a habit of immediately saying, "I CAN DO WHATEVER I NEED TO DO IN LIFE THROUGH CHRIST".  Exchange all your "I can't" thoughts this week for "I can" thoughts and see what happens!!! With His help there is nothing you can't do" Joyce Meyer.

 I truly believe that when you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts they grab root and your life can be changed! You can have victory!



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