Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Healthy Nut - Detoxes & Cleanses

It's that time of year for me where I get to drink that "oh not tasty" tea or take those "horse pills" for 7-14 days.  I believe it is essential to flush your body of toxins and wastes...and the best way to do that is DETOX.  Our body is constantly being filled with toxins from food, medication, and environment pollution. I personally try to detox/cleanse my body every 3 months. I have tried a variety of cleanses and definitely have my favorites. I have even tried a 5 day juice cleanse and that was by far the hardest thing I have ever done! My husband partook in this with me from a Thursday through Monday and I juiced for 5 meals a day for 5 days. I had the worst detox symptoms ever...headache, nausea, dizzy, moody, you name it I got it! I did it and will probably never do it again! I do believe that juicing is a good natural daily detox you can include in your diet that will help give your intestines a break and help neutralize your body's pH levels while ridding some toxins.  But for me I now stick with the tea or pill cleanses.

The top two cleanses I prefer:
The flor-Essence 7 day cleanse is by far my favorite. I have drank the tea for a month too! This cleanse is by far the most involved.  You have to drink 2 oz. of tea morning and night, take pills, and drink/eat fiber 3 times a day. If you read about this cleanse it has even been recommended for people with cancer to help in the removal of free radicals and toxins. It really is a top notch cleanse!
The second cleanse that my husband would prefer is by Enzymatic Therapy. My husband prefers this one because it is strictly capsules and no tea. This cleanse is for 10 days and you have to take anywhere from 8-10 capsules a day.

This past Monday I started a new detox called Tiny Tea Detox.  I have seen a lot of reviews on this tea detox and it seems like a lot of fitness bloggers I follow rave about I figured why not try it! You drink the tea 3 times a day 30 minutes before or after breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 14 days. They even make it gluten free and have a 28 day TEAtox. I am pairing the tea with FloraLax which is used in the Flor-Essence cleanse because it contains high levels of fiber which will help aid in a good cleanse of the intestinal track too. I am not sure what to expect from this detox but I will post my review of it when I complete it.

If you have ever tried a detox/cleanse before let me know your thoughts and recommendations!


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