Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tone & Tighten Tuesday - Get Your Body Moving

Everyone seems to dread the word “workout”...and I use to not like it either until I actually needed it!
     I grew up very active involved in cheerleading, gymnastics, and track. Once I was out of high school I didn’t “purposefully workout. It wasn’t until after l had my 3rd child that I HAD to start working out. You could say that I have always been a “high stress” type of person, Type-A personality, controlling, and a busy bee. I really didn’t see the need to work out plus I thought I was in good shape for not working.  After I had my 3rd baby I dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety that I had never dealt with before, my body felt like it was going to combust! I had multiple factors going on in my life and it created the perfect storm in my body resulting in ANXIETY! A good friend of mine who is also my massage therapist said you need to go run, swim, and let some steam off! So I listened to him and that day I started swimming in my neighbor’s pool or just running in my neighborhood for 20 minutes. Within a week I could feel a difference after I worked out. I felt lighter and the tension just left my body. And you know if you are a parent, we love our kids but they can bring a lot of stress into our bodies!!!! I gradually added more and more exercise activities and began to LOVE it.
     It has now been almost 2 years in June that I started working out and I enjoy it even more now. I am not saying it hasn’t been easy and I have had to push myself to workout but the benefits are so worth it!   Alongside of working out, I changed my diet and starting eating cleaner and made a conscious effort about the food I put into my body. “You are what you eat” right?  My life has truly been transformed from working out and eating clean healthy foods. Not only did I make the change but my family’s eating habits changed too.
     So I want to encourage any of you that read this to get up and get your body moving! It is only to going to make you feel better and help you live a longer healthier happier life and maybe help with that stress you are carrying around in your body!

A few tips on how to get started:
1.       Make an obtainable goal – If not working out try working out once a week, then move up to twice. Eventually you’ll begin to enjoy it and want to work out more!
2.       Find a friend – A workout buddy is the best way to keep you accountable. I actually joined a friend’s boot camp, Julia Zammito at Total Body Results. It kicked my butt into workout mode and helped developed the habit of working out 3 days a week. I now workout with someone every day when I workout. It makes it fun and it gives me some social “grown-up” time without my kids which every mom needs!
3.       If you can’t go to a boot camp or go to the gym, do something at home. I love Tone It Up and the trainers. You can sign up for the newsletter and purchase the app for $1.99. Each day they post daily workouts you can do at home with a video. This is my back up plan when it is raining out or I can’t leave the kids.
4.       Believe in yourself, because you CAN DO IT!

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