Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivate Monday - My #1 Book

We all have our favorite motivational or self-help books...I know I have a list of my own!
      The most impactful book for me has been Jesus Calling by Sara Young.  When I started dealing with anxiety my mom gave me this book, June of 2012. I read the entire devotional and now continue re-reading it, so now on year 2! This is by far my go to motivational book and I have sent it to many friends!!
     Every day that I read the devotional, I feel like it was written just for me. It talks about anxiety, stress, control, time frames, purpose in life, and learning to LET IT ALL GO! Areas that I have struggled with my entire life… If you don't have this book, I recommend getting it!!! Sara Young has many other devotionals too; I have Jesus Lives and Jesus Hopes too.
     In today’s Jesus Calling devotion, the key part that stands out to me is that "Sometimes My blessings come to you in mysterious ways; through pain and trouble" and " calm their fears and clear their minds". I know we can all agree that we have had pain and trouble, but He can always use it for good. God can turn any situation into good if you let Him! God will cover you in His peace if you trust him; He will take away your fears and clear your mind of worry.  So I encourage you all today on Motivate Monday to know that whatever you are going through right now, let go and trust God. 

Find your Peace & Be Thankful!


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